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Safety valves

These valves are designed to automatically prevent a safe pressure being exceed in a system and should normally be fitted after a reducing or control valve.

These valves can be full lift, like our Double Action series, normal lift Vigilant or pop type SuperVigilant.

Double Action safety valve

Double Action full lift safety valve

  • British full lift design to BS759.
  • Capacity certified by A.O.T.C.
  • Suitable for steam, gas, water and other fluids.
  • High temperature and totally enclosed flow options.
  • 10 sizes and 3 material combinations.
  • Springs to BS759 and BS1726 class A.

Download the Double Action safety valve data sheet here.

Vigilant safety valve

Vigilant safety valve

  • Blowdown characteristic of 5% to 10%.
  • Totally enclosed flow design with external spring unaffected by process fluid or temperature.
  • Soft face version available.
  • Normal lift design to BS759 and BS1500.
  • Rated flow achieved within 10% overpressure.
  • Fully guided, strong construction with stainless steel trim minimises deformation and leakage.
  • Constructed from standardised parts for easy maintenance.
  • Springs to BS1726 class A give a clean opening, stable performance and positive closing.

Download the Vigilant safety valve data sheet here.

SuperVigilant safety valve

SuperVigilant safety valve

  • High capacity to match modern control valves and systems.
  • Designed to BS6759 and TUV.
  • 6 sizes plus complementary range.
  • Precision lapped faces, correct seat alignment for tight shut off.
  • 4 material versions including stainless steel and copper free.
  • Fixed blowdown for simplicity and reliability.
  • Limit switches for remote monitor.
  • Easy strip including seat and lid for CIP zones and maintenance.
  • Springs to BS1726 in a variety of materials - the key to good performance.

Download the SuperVigilant safety valve data sheet here.

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