Non-galling Dew88Met

It's what food machinery manufacturers have been waiting for.

  • Do you manufacture machinery for use in the food industry?
  • Do you require the use of a non-galling material?
  • Must this material be corrosion resistant?
  • Must this material be copper and lead free?

If you answer yes to the above questions, we at Auld believe we can offer you a cost effective solution to your material procurement requirements.


Nickel based Dew88Met provides the answer to engineers who are searching for a material which can be used with extremely close running tolerances in sliding contact whilst providing high corrosion resistance in a wide range of hostile environments.

Dew88Met not only meets this exacting specification but is particularly acceptable in the food industry as it is copper free.

Application engineers know that stainless steel on stainless steel gives severe galling and adhesive wear; indeed its qualities in close sliding contact are so poor that meaningful test results cannot be obtained.

Alternative corrosion resistant bearing materials also show extremely poor test* results compared with Dew88Met when subjected to continuous rotational sliding loading.

Download the Dew88Met data sheet here.

* Tests conducted by University of Wisconsin Department of Metallurgical and Mineral Engineering.

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